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SEGI Future Technology
Disaster Warning System

System Features

  • Disaster risk area optimization system such as mountain valley, riverside
  • Real-time broadcasting such as TTS, digital voice and voice recording
  • Forecast and alarm broadcasting function in case of disaster
  • Automatic broadcasting function linked to rainfall measurement system
  • Real-time disaster broadcasting with observation station (such as rainfall measurement) and alarm station
  • In case of emergency, text messages are automatically sent to disaster managers
  • Meteorological data measurement and alarm station system monitoring at all times
  • Suitable for rapid evacuation broadcasting for safety of vacationers in case of disaster
  • Integrated system that can utilize the village broadcasting network
  • Publicity broadcasting function and remote control by setting schedule
  • Various broadcasting functions such as real-time and forest fire prevention broadcasting
  • User-optimized function configuration for automatic and remote broadcasting
  • Possible to play MP3 files (prevention of forest fire, BGM, etc.) with SD card
  • Music continuous playback broadcasting function by central remote control

Effect of Introduction

  • The purpose of this is to minimize the damage to the lives and property of residents by promptly distributing emergency alerts and managing situational announcements to areas where emergency situations are required to be propagated in the event of a disaster through integrated server broadcasting.

  • A system capable of real-time automatic forecasting and alarm linked to rainfall and water level monitoring through monitoring by a central broadcasting station by building a system in a constant disaster risk area such as a mountain valley and a riverside.

  • It can be used for the safety of tourists and public notice of villagers in the area where there are tourists, such as beaches and valleys.

  • Forewarning system for rapid disaster risk spread and evacuation for the safety of residents around industrial infrastructure such as reservoirs, dams, and nuclear power plants

Main Function

  • System environment : A system that can utilize existing village amplifiers and speakers in outdoor or indoor type
  • Group settings : Alert system for notification can be set for each group
  • Broadcast results : You can check the success of broadcasting
  • check : Phone line, amplifier status, speaker line status, battery capacity check
  • Select : Selectable number of broadcasts, broadcast volume, notification bell, etc.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) : Converts input text to voice for broadcasting
  • Unit group setting : Available by issuing user-specific ID
  • Comment storage : Frequently used comments can be saved and used when needed
  • Search : Check broadcasting and inspection history by date and period
  • Real-time broadcasting : Broadcasting in real time by connecting to the broadcast receiving terminal from the server
  • Automatic broadcast function interlocked with rainfall or water level measurement system

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