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SEGI Future Technology
Radio Village Broadcasting System

System Features

  • Broadcasting text message linked
    with broadcast server
  • Clock, recording playback, temperature,
    humidity, lunar display function
  • Optional illumination sensor,
    built-in battery, etc.
  • Minimum cost optimization system
    with integrated main control device
  • Automatic power saving function that
    works only during broadcasting
  • Listening at any time
    by recording playback in absence
  • Multiple patents for optimal radio
    broadcasting system
  • Automatic time synchronization
    function anytime, anywhere

Effect of Introduction

  • Cell phone broadcasting is possible anytime, anywhere, and announcements can be comfortably heard at home

  • Real-time propagation of information such as disasters, administration, public relations, forest fire prevention, etc. from cities, counties, and districts to each household by building an automatic simultaneous broadcasting server

  • The main control device and the home receiver are products of the National Radio Research Agency's "Conformity Certification and Conformance Registration"

  • Quickly deliver contents such as village events, hold of village meetings, information on farming and fishing, and villagers sad and happy occasion

  • Broadcasting system suitable for building a social welfare safety net for the safety of elderly living alone

Main Function

  • Wireless integrated broadcasting
  • Automatic power saving function
  • Self test function
  • Time synchronization
  • Broadcasting volume control
  • Radio module automatic testing
  • Time and calendar function
  • Wall-mounted, stand option
  • Play recording
  • Lighting sensor brightness control
  • Built-in uninterruptible battery system

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System Configuration